Namasté Indian restaurant

Experience the timeless Indian tradition of oriental ambiance, hospitality and gourmet delight.

Secrets of Indian cuisine

Specialties of the Great Mogul

At Namasté restaurant we offer culinary specialties of the great mogul - dishes of royal taste. These are dishes from the north of India, mainly from the provinces of Rajhastan and Punjab. In addition to excellent meat dishes, we also offer a wide selection of vegetarian delicacies, and of course we also warmly recommend specialities prepared in the Indian clay oven called tandoor.

For experienced connoisseurs

Authentic Indian food

A good knowledge of India has given us the inspiration for the plates that will take you to a new culinary story in an otherwise entirely European city. Special culinary pampering in the middle of the center of Ljubljana.

A la carte menu

Platter of spices

Our chefs prepare each dish separately and will be happy to cook the selected dish to your taste. To prepare the dishes, they use an open fire pan or tandoor - a conical clay oven known and used all over India.

Flavors of India

The Indian sub-continent is a big place, which is why every region in India has its own specific cuisine: cream, yogurt, ghee and Indian cashew nuts are used in the North Indian cuisine, whereas coconut, coconut milk and chills are more specific to the South Indian cuisine.


First bite served with mango pickle, sweet mango and mint chutney.


Tasty chicken, lamb and seafood dishes served with basmati rice.


Vegetarian dishes with various Indian spices.


A conical clay oven, used for baking and cooking Indian breads.


Indian breads are a staple part of an Indian meal.

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Dostav slika namaste
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Interesting, cute, fun!

You are welcome to join us in exploring the culinary adventures of India, where we will share more about India-- a land of wonderful opportunities, people, traditions, history, mythology, smells, tastes!


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Send us your wish

We are happy to reserve the most suitable table for your celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, meetings, a romantic dinner or just a quick business lunch. In agreement with you, we will prepare various dishes and design appropriate menus. Possibility to rent for larger groups for various events or private parties.

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